Maurizio Olmo Giuca

Maurizio Olmo Giuca born in 1977 in Modica,Italy. His father,a musician fostered Maurizio's passion for music from an early age. At the tender age of 16 the artists first musical instrument was the guitar. In 1999 he moved to Rome and founded several groups where he continues to play the guitar and incorporated lush electronica.
In 2012 began a solo project by abandoning the guitar and experimenting just with electronics.For three years the artist also volunteered in assisting patients with schizophrenia.This experience had a profound effect on the way he creates music.He is also heavily influenced by many kinds of music from Krautrock to his love of the music from Berlin label Raster-Noton. In his music you will hear similarities to the works of : Byetone, Alva Noto , Seefeel, Lindstrom and Prins Thomas.

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